Virus Removal

Virus Removal


In today’s society, the internet is essential to our daily activities.  We use the internet for basic task such as searching for the best pricing for the next hot item we plan to purchase, and also for more important tasks such as online banking. Depending on your profession, the internet can also be a key factor in your corporate success. However, anytime we connect to the internet we are at risk of being infected by malicious software. We have all been infected with malicious software, and know how frustrating it can be.  Here at Affordable PC Mechanics we specialize in virus removal.  We use proven methods to destroy these programs without losing your data. We also install a Free Anti-Virus to help prevent future attacks.
Below are the different types of malicious software:

Mal-ware: short for malicious software, which is designed to harm or secretly access a computer system without the owners’ consent.

Spy-ware: a program designed to collect personal data about the user and send data to a third party over the internet  or computer network without the users’ permission.

Virus: a piece of malicious software that is designed to replicate itself. It will attach itself to an executable file and attach itself to any other file that is opened.

Worm: is a replicating malicious program that uses a computer network to send copies of itself to other computers in the network.

Trojan: looks like an authentic program (Rogue Antivirus).  Designed to steal information or harm system. (Never input credit card information. Program appears to be scanning for malicious content,  but actually is infecting the computer.)

Key-logger: records key strokes to steal  passwords.

Root-kit: complex software that can merge with your system, and sometimes deep into the operating system. It is able to take full control of your PC.

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