Data Recovery

Data Recovery

A hard drive is the place on the computer where programs and files are stored.  These devices are very unpredictable and backup procedure should always be in place.  Not if, but when a hard drive fails the computer’s owner is in danger of losing every important document and picture that is very important to them.  If this tragedy does happen, feel free to give us a call. We are very knowledgeable in the subject of data recovery, and we will test hard drives for FREE.

A Few Hard Drive Facts:

1. What is the life expectancy of a new hard drive? This question is asked often. However, most would say 3-5 years because that is the warranty on a new hard drive. If it fails during this time, the manufacturer will be happy to deliver a brand new drive, but who cares about a new drive. If the drive fails the owner is concerned about the data, which the warranty doesn’t cover. At Affordable PC Mechanics, we constantly tell our customers to start not trusting the hard drive as soon as it is purchased. The truth is we have seen hard drives last 15 years, and some don’t last 2 weeks. Do not become a victim.

2. What are some  methods to help keep my data safe?  Unfortunately there is no 100% sure fire way to protect data. But, there are ways to be prepared and minimize damage.  A. Backup your data consistently on an external hard drive(chances of both drives failing at the same time is slim).  B. Implement Raid 1- Raid 1 basically copies data from one hard drive to another automatically. If one drive fails the other drive has identical data( If you contract a  virus or have software problems both drives will be affected). C. The final and most recommended backup method is a Online backup solution. The best company to provide this service is Mozy. Your backup is stored on server elsewhere. The more of these solutions imple mented, the safer the data will be.

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