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  • Don’t have time to drive to a computer repair shop.
  • Tired of waiting to get your computer repaired.
  • Tired of high hourly charges.
  • Our service is instant 24/7.
  • No Fix No Pay
  • College Student Discount


#1 Online Remote Computer Repair Center

At Affordable Pc Mechanics, we are able to make your computer repair experience very convenient. Technology has advanced to the point where we can repair 90% of your computer problems without you bringing your computer to us. Our online computer repair service is second to none. Through our highly advanced remote support software, to our 100% USA English speaking technicians, we are able to provide our customers with A+ service. We have online computer repair technicians available 24/7 to help you with your computer problems. No more unplugging your computer and carrying it to a local shop. With our service you are able to continue with your daily task while we repair your computer.

Example: You are a single parent, and your boss needs you to prepare a presentation for him and have it on his desk at 9am. You arrive home and help the kids with there homework, cook dinner, and prepare your work cloths for the next day. You then make your way into your home office at 10pm, turn on the computer and find a big popup that say’s “Windows 7 Security 2012″. You can’t do anything because your screen is locked. It is too late to take it to a repair shop, so now you have to disappoint your boss and give him an excuse why you were not able to come through. Well there is a solution, you call Affordable Pc Mechanics and request our online computer repair service. We tell our customers ” Sir or Ma’am it will take us about 3-4 hours to clean this nasty virus, so if you like you can get some rest and we will give you a wake up call when the job is completed. Now you are able to get some much needed rest, and have your bosses presentation ready.

This is just one scenario in which our online computer repair service would be beneficial. In this example, we focused on virus removal. However, we are able to repair all software issues with our online computer repair service. 90% of computer problems are software related. Here are just a few problems that we can repair remotely with our online computer repair service.

  • Virus Removal (includes free protection)
  • Tune-Up
  • Backups
  • Data Transfers
  • Microsoft Outlook Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Registry Errors
  • Computer Errors
  • Etc.

We are a Better Business Bureau A rated online computer repair company. We have serviced thousands of our customers online successfully. Our service is also guaranteed. If we don’t fix your problem, you get a full refund. Businesses have been using online computer repair services for years, now it is time for you to get the same help at half the price.

Call us today an experience the difference in Affordable Pc Mechanics online computer repair service.

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